Fairhill Industries' PRIME ZINC is a high performance coating system. Liquid compounds with high content of zinc in the dry film bond to clean iron, steel or aluminum through galvanizing action to provide maximum protection against rust and rust creepage.

Our compounds are an accepted method of repairing damaged galvanized surfaces, according to ASTM A-780 which calls for a minimum zinc content on the dry film of 65%. They are used to touch up and repair galvanized coatings.

PRIME ZINC offers triple protection against corrosion.

  • Immediate Protection
    First generation barrier of zinc dries rapidly, protecting metal against corrosion. Oxygen in the air reacts with resin forming tough long lasting coating.
  • Longer Lasting Protection
    Second generation of zinc is formed as the outer surface of zinc coating reacts with moisture in the air to form zinc oxide insoluble coating that protects the zinc under it from further oxidation.
  • Wear Protection
    Finally if there are scrapes in the coating they will "Self Heal" as exposed zinc form more zinc oxide preventing rust from creeping under areas still coated.


  • Excellent touch up for repair of galvanized surfaces.
  • Bright metallic sheen finish matches hot dip galvanize.
  • Meets ASTM-A780 norm.
  • Ideal for damaged galvanized surfaces, highway maintenance, structural steel, transmission towers, cooling towers, pulp and paper mills, power plants and fences.
  • Use where severe corrosion and rust conditions exist such as fences, gutters, bridges, structural steel, food plants, refineries and water tanks.

PRODUCT DATA    click here to download Prime Zinc Product Data Sheet in Word format (21 Kb)

  • TYPE:
    Single pack ready to use, organic zinc compound with 70% zinc dust in the dry film.
    Silver metallic sheen
    Zinc rich coating for ferrous and non ferrous Surfaces.
    Aerosol: 50 SF per can at 1 mil dry film thickness
    Gallon: 600 SF at 1 mil dry film thickness.
    Gallon: 5.54
    Aerosol: 5.21
    50-100F (10-45º C) continuous. Once applied -40 to 400º F (-18º C to 204º C)
  • Dry TIME:
    To touch, 15-30 minutes at 70º F (21º C)
    After 24-48 Hrs. depending on atmospheric conditions, may be topcoated with enamel, silicones, Acrylic, latex, polyurethane, do not use lacquers or Alkyd type.
    one year minimum.
    Gallon and 14 oz ( 397 grams) aerosol cans
    Meets requirements of ASTM-780; MIL-P-26915C; P-21035A.
    BRUSHING : Stir frequently, use as received in can.
    AEROSOL: Shake well, use as is, invert can and clear nozzle after each use.
    SPRAYING: Connect hose directly to pump, no filter assembly required, use least pressure possible. No reduction required (airless type).
    • GREASE OR OILS: Solvent clean
    • RUST SCALE: Power tool
    • MILL SCALE: Sandblast

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